Presets for Sale

Recently I partnered up with Filtergrade to put a small selection of my Lightroom presets up for sale. These can be found at the following link, and a selection of before and after images are shown below so you can see what each one does.



Sudio Sweden

For the past few weeks, I've had the pleasure of testing out Sudio Sweden's line of wireless headphones. Having the freedom to go wireless has both made my daily commutes more comfortable, and has improved sound quality over any other headphones I've tried. Check them out at

New Beginnings

  After an incredibly challenging year, I couldn't be more excited for the months to come. This summer I'll have the opportunity to travel to lots of exciting places. I can't wait to explore and share all of the results.

May: Buenos Aires, Argentina

June: Vancouver, Canada

July: Faroe Islands, Iceland

If anyone is around at the time, reach out to me on Instagram or through email.